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Stag and Hen Weekends in Scotland

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If you are planning a stag or hen weekend in Scotland, here is the place to find what you need! If you're stuck for choice... you can simply speak with our elite planning possums based in Blairgowrie who can organise just about anything for your stag or hen party in Scotland. If you find that coordinating your friends is like trying to build a house of playing cards in a storm, you can also let us do some of the grunt work for you!

We work across the UK ( which you can see on www.stagdoparty.co.uk ) as well as Edinburgh Stag Party and Glasgow Hen Night. This site introduces you to the rest of Scotland and especially the Highlands which is where we have an office.

New Edinburgh Adventure Bus


Group travel has fast become a massive industry, especially with the popularity of Stag and Hen groups wanting to get away for a couple of days of fun and excitement. Read more on > Hen Weekends in Scotland

We have put together several packages for people wanting something a bit different to the normal stag and hen weekends. Read more on > Stag Weekends in Scotland

Edinburgh and Glasgow are great destinations, but if you've partied there as often as we have (and we've been there, done that, got the t-shirts, the mugs, the bumps and bruises and the memories ofa lifetime), you might want to venture a bit further afield!  The highland adventure playground has everything you need, from great restaurants to fantastic bars - and the daytime activities are the best! You can be as active, or as lazy as your hearts desire!


Highlands of Scotland Adventure Playground

We have teamed up with several hotels and a top adventure suppliers in our most popular areas, including Perthshire and the highlands of Scotland to offer numerous tip-top stag weekend and hen party packages.

The Highlands area of Scotland is a fantastic place to really play with nature and see a side to Scotland that most British people don't even know exists! Some would have you believe that you have to travel far to other countries in order to see adventure; to try out adrenaline pumping sports and white-knuckled trials, without realising that it is all available right here in Bonnie Scotland! Why not go for something in your own back yard??


Perth Party Centre

Going back a couple of years ago we hardly had any enquiries for Perth - a city reputedly the geographical centre of Scotland. Now more and more people are realising that Perth offers a great weekend for a stag or hen party. It's close enough to the Highlands for some great outdoor activities but also offers a good range of nightlife and restaurants. See more about Perth's party ideas.

Aberfeldy - Highland Party Gem

90 minutes from Edinburgh and close to a mainline station direct from London, Aberfeldy has everything for the perfect highland stag or hen party. Aberfeldy is a favourite with us: the town bustles and is chocka with great activities from white water rafting to gorge jumping or clay shooting.  Find out more about our Aberfeldy Stag and Hen parties.

Aviemore Stag & Hen Party

Aviemore has long been associated with skiing, but it is also home to the Cairngorms National Park and some pretty amazing stag and hen party locations. You can go to your local pub any time you like, but to make the occasion special then you have to go somewhere a little special! Aviemore offers the kind of adventures you'll simply not find in city life, but offers some top pubs and clubs to ensure you don't miss out on the night-life either!! Click here for more about our Aviemore Party Ideas.

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